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Conyngham Sales Company is proud to be an authorized builder for Varco Pruden. As world leaders in providing innovative, pre-engineered steel building systems, VP supplies approximately 6,000 buildings with their computer-aided designs every year. Together, we help architects, engineers, and general contractors with cost-effective solutions that meet their project requirements for both design and functionality.

Working Together for Your Projects

Ensure your construction projects are more than successful when you count on our combined services to handle your needs. Using advanced design and engineering tools, such as VP Command, VP's proprietary design, and estimating software, building decision makers can rely on us to provide a complete system solution that is on time and within budget. We are dedicated to providing the most effective solutions, because we care about the outcome of your projects as much as our clients.

Working With All Parties Involved

Reduce the amount of hindering factors that affect the outcome of your construction project when you work with our team. With VP's sustainable design and construction practices, we can notable reduce, and in some cases eliminate, certain perceived negative impacts a building may have on the environment and occupants. We work diligently to ensure all partied affected are satisfied, so our clients are able to sustain their good reputation in their community.

To learn about Varco Pruden, visit their website for additional information.

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